Bullet Journal ultimate lists, ideas

blog1 Starting a Bullet Journal was really hard for me. I didn’t know how to start, what should I write and I didn’t want to mess up my beautiful new notebook.

I watched hundreds of videos and pins from Youtube and Pinterest to help me. I saved many ideas and made lists before I start the actual writing process.

If you want to write something, but nothing is popping out from your head, here is my list:


  • Conference Dates and Locations
  • Business Expenses
  • Company Parties
  • Hours Worked
  • Projects


  • Memories
  • Recipes to try
  • Pet/Vet tracker
  • Emergency contacts
  • Gift list/ideas


  • Weight tracker
  • 30 day challenge (abs, glutes, etc.)
  • Habit tracker
  • Quote for the year
  • Meal tracker
  • Recipes
  • Healthy snacks
  • Inches lost tracker
  • Rewards for reaching goals
  • Sleep log
  • Dream log
  • Water intake


  • Cleaning tracker
  • Cleaning calendar
  • Garage sale ideas
  • Interior ideas/wishlist


  • Movies to see
  • Books to read
  • TV-shows to watch
  • Favourite movies of all time
  • Favourite books of all time
  • Favourite movie characters
  • Favourite book characters
  • Music playlist (monthly)
  • Quotes
  • Doodles
  • Washi tape swatches
  • Pen swatches


  • Income/Budget
  • Spending log/tracker
  • Need/Want list
  • Monthly bills and dates
  • Savings tracker


  • Index
  • Key
  • Future log (Yearly log)
  • Monthly log
  • Weekly log
  • Daily log
  • Yearly goals
  • Birthdays


  • Favourite memories
  • Date night ideas
  • Date night tracker
  • Relationship goals
  • Boyfriend/girlfriend interests
  • Important dates (first date, first kiss, etc.)


  • Schedule
  • Contacts
  • Grades tracker
  • Test/Exam dates
  • Favourite school memories
  • Favourite subjects


  • Mood tracker
  • Level 10 life
  • Year in pixels
  • Gratitude (monthly)
  • Makeup page
  • Makeup wishlist
  • 18 before 2018
  • Things that make me happy
  • Things I love
  • Things to try


  • Social media tracker
  • Blog post ideas
  • Video ideas
  • Monthly followers tracker
  • Monthly pageviews tracker
  • Posting schedule
  • Password log
  • Favurite web pages


  • Travel bucket list
  • Packing list
  • Travel info
  • Places to go/What to see
  • Places I’ve been


  • Vocabulary
  • Song lyrics


If you interested at Bullet Journaling go to my Pinterest page for more ideas!



One thought on “Bullet Journal ultimate lists, ideas

  1. hansemama says:

    Thank you for that really long list of things to track. Very useful. I started my bulletjournal right this year and I have to say I love it, but there are several things I will change next time and so I am searching for tips and tricks.


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